The Classics Recreated As Mosaics of Newspaper

By wrapping different colored strips of newspaper, magazines, and tissue paper around small pieces of wood, Korean artist Lee Kyu-Hak has found the perfect way to imitate some of the greatest artists of all time. Each colorful tile for his mosaics is placed meticulously to re-create the brushstrokes in famous paintings such as Starry Night, Sand Barges, and Van Gogh’s Chair. From afar it is hard to tell that each “stroke” is a three dimensional piece of wood, but up close the details of newspaper text can be seen in some areas.

Lee’s mosaics are a fantastic way to use old reading materials and it is amazing how closely each of his works resemble the originals. See more of his spectacular designs including some of his own creations at the Yesong Art Gallery and check out his impressive bio at Black Square Gallery.

↬ sikufital

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  1. This is truly amazing, intricate and beautiful; even colorful! This looks like more work than actually painting in the brush strokes.

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