25 Creative Macbook Skins Using the Apple Logo

As sleek and clean as Apple products are, you can’t really blame people for trying to spice things up a little. With nothing but a partially eaten apple engraved into all of their products there is plenty of room for a creative mind to add its own finishing touches. These 25 creative Macbook skins are some of the most clever ways to personalize your Macbook.

25 – Juice Box

24 – I Love Apple Pie

23 – Fruit Basket

22 – The Big Apple

21 – William Tell

See the rest of the list at List25!

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  1. If I had to judge these macbook skins and select one winner I’d probably choose number 15. I may be bias here because I’m a huge fan of classic arcades, but more than that I think it’s a very imaginative way of using a bite on the apple as the mouth that now has a bite of its own. It’s also a little philosophical, isn’t it? XD

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