Crazy Beautiful Car Designs from the Retro-Future

As if channeling the spirit of the future obsessed Syd Mead, a Russian artist going by the name 600v creates automotive designs with a distinctly retro-futuristic twist. With a clear passion for heavy American steel of the 50s, 60s and 70s, he creates cars which push the limits of current car design while at the same time paying tribute to the glorious automotive past.


Many of 600v’s designs feature a load of shiny chrome accents, wrap-around windshields, whitewall tires and two-tone paint jobs… all features we can easily associate with mid-century automotive design. His designs also feature a heavy dose of low roof lines, tinted windows, halogen headlights, spoilers and cooling scoops… things we see on the cars of today.

Whether these wild designs or even their sweet styling cues will ever reach the road is certainly questionable, but as works of science fiction and inspiration for future film work, they are outstanding examples of the imagination driving wild. For more of 600v’s excellent 3D renderings see his DeviantArt page.

Via: 600v.deviantart

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