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Astonishingly Detailed Mini Matchbook Illustrations

Tuesday 08.21.2012 , Posted by

A self-declared Miniaturist, artist Jason D’Aquino creates incredibly detailed illustrations on a small scale. Preferring tiny surfaces for his drawings, some of his artworks measure less than one square inch in dimension. It is amazing how much precision and accuracy is depicted at such a minuscule proportions as he creates portraits of some of the key players in literature and history, including Charles Bukowski, Nikola Tesla, Alfred Hitchcock and Frida Kahlo on the inside panel of strike-on-front matchbooks. D’Aquino uses high-magnification goggles (like a jeweler) to assist him in creating his itsy-bitsy images and has enjoyed the challenge of seeing how small he can go with his pencil drawings.


D’Aquino “had a pencil in his hand since before he could walk,” began his career illustrating Christian children’s books, and has worked his way up to having his illustrations appear in the New York Times, Juxtapoz, The Stranger, and Gulliver Magazine. He is also a world renowned tattoo artist and owns a parlor in Buffalo, NY called Leviathan Tattoo. His teeny-tiny works have been shown all over the world. To see more of his miniature masterpieces, check out his website.

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