Triangulation: Angular Celebrities Drawn with a Pen

Like a web of cross-hatching gone wild, 20-year old English artist Josh Bryan creates fantastically cool celebrity portraits using just a black pen. That’s right, this isn’t computer illustrated work. His portraits, which he appropriately calls Triangulations, see well-known people – like Marilyn Monroe, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Knoxville and even Albert Einstein – represented using his linear, web-like style.

The hundreds of tiny lines make the portraits highly recognizable, while his choice of different cross-hatching densities give the geometric works a deep, angular sense of lighting. If you look closely at his lines, you’ll notice they aren’t perfectly straight. It’s something which gives the images a subtly organic feel and blurs the border between their human subject matter and their almost computer-like style. The large scale pieces are beyond cool and would make any wall have style in spades. Want!


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  1. nelson graves

    i teach drawing to 300level college students (university of education, port harcourt, rivers state nigeria). most exciting line work! must pass on these images to my show some other variety in this most exciting series!!
    thank you.

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