Americans Rate Their Utility Companies

There are choices for many things in life. We can choose to not have a cell phone, delete our Facebook account, never fully understand Twitter, buy our dogs ridiculously priced sweaters and treats, complain about politics, or quit our jobs to move halfway across the world to a beach in Thailand to completely start over and live in boardshorts. But, there is one thing — unless you live completely off the grid — that we don’t have a choice in, and that’s dealing with a utility company. So how do Americans feel about their power company? And how does that change depending on what company they use and whether they use solar or grid power?

1Bog polled more than 200 utility customers to find out how they’d grade their utility company. Each was asked to provide a letter grade for their general happiness with their utility company, and that company’s commitment to renewable energy sources. Each grade was given a number based on: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, and F=1. Nationwide, people enjoyed throwing the “C” grade around. Nationwide general happiness, “C”. Commitment to renewable/green sources of energy, “C”. For both sides, the main area for improvement whether using solar or grid power, was pricing/fairness of pricing. With many homeowners or renters who switched to solar power still having concerns about whether or not they’re being fairly compensated for energy fed back into the grid.

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