Compound I: A New Art Installation for Burning Man

After attending the famous Burning Man gathering for 3 years, yoga ashtanga master and artist Kistern Berg felt she wanted to give something back to the community that had given her so much. As she thought through ideas, she decided to gift an art installation which she named “Constellation of One.”

Constellation of One was an 8 foot tall star tetrahedron structure that was covered in bubble shaped mirrors. When viewers walked by, they saw themselves reflected in many ways, provoking many unique thoughts and interpretations from each individual. For Kirsten, the purpose behind the mirrors and art structure was to reflect the concept of regeneration/expansion like a star constellation does, while similarly showing how people and the burning man gathering unfold themselves anew.


Now, after two years of Constellation of One, Kirsten has a new art installaton that will be at the gathering and afterward displayed at the Discovery Museum in Reno. “Compound I” should prove to be as wonderful as Constellation of One. Currently, Compound I has a kickstarter page and is trying to raise the funds it needs so it can be shared with everyone this year.

To see the art structure page, click here, or check out the artists Facebook.

Constellation of One from 2011

Outline of the “Compound I”

Reflections on Constellation of One

Constellation of One, Burning Man 2010

Constellation of One at night

Artist Kirsten Berg and her partner Mitchell Gold

Inside Constellation of One

One of the gifts for people that donate to the Compound I project

Kirsten Berg, the artist

Video with Artist Statement

“Compound I” challenges our sense of separation from art and the world at large, as boundaries blur between inner/outer, self/collective

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