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Typography- Kandinsky Style

Thursday 07.26.2012 , Posted by

One of the pioneers of abstract art, Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s bright, fun paintings are some of the most easily recognizable in the art world. To pay an homage to his innovative and colorful designs Turkish graphic designer, Sinan Buyukbas, has created a gorgeous line of 3 dimensional typography appropriately titled “Kandinsky Type.” The funky letters created by combining assorted shapes, stripes, and swirls are a perfect interpretation of Kandinsky’s iconic style.

According to Buyukbas:

I had the idea of experimenting with Kandinsky’s color and form theory in 3 dimension. I started with thinking each letter as a 3d canvas to play around with color and form, but also together they would form a type experimentation on Kandinsky. I presented each letter as a color and form composition and tried to relate them with the space as they are intended to be perceived in 3d dimension.


To see more of the beautiful, bright, 3-D letters, show Buyukbas some appreciation on Behance.

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