Just in Time for the Olympics: Sports/Sculpture Collage

Like a mashup between classic statues of Greek Olympians and their modern day counterparts, the collages of Jen Ullrich are seriously clever and plenty ridiculous too. Ullrich takes photographs of classic statues and pastes elements of them over magazine clippings of athletes in action – in doing so, he matches up their figures with a deft mastery almost equal to that of his subjects. Because of his smart choice to cover the modern day figures faces, his subjects get a classic treatment which obscures their identity while giving them a decidedly stoney demeanor.

Ullrich uses images idealized statues from the Nazi dominated German period between 1933 – 1945. Further adding to the beautiful absurdity of Ullrich’s works – the figures of many of his subjects are seen in flight. This gives the obviously weighty stone, bronze and cement statues an impossible lightness, creating monuments of weightlessness while cleverly poking fun at a political movement in history which was doomed to fail.

Ullrich, who was born in 1968 in Tanzania, now lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany. You can see more of his work at van-horn.net.


Benjamin Starr

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