Free Take Home Street Art by My Dog Sighs

Imagine walking down the street and seeing one of these lovely can faces staring back at you. For the past 10 years, the UK based street artist known as My Dog Sighs has been leaving recycled pieces, like the ones shown here, on the streets for unexpected citizens to pick up and enjoy. He takes recycled cans, crushes them, spray paints them and paints these unique faces that beckon to be taken home. My Dog Sigh’s project, called FreeArtFriday, has spread throughout the world, with thousands of members now participating and turning the streets of their towns into a fun, free art show.


Loved by many, one of his fans has described him as follows:

“mydogsighs” loves humanity above all. His devotion to friends can be greater than his own sense of self preservation, and he rarely hesitates in risky situations. If “mydogsighs” lives on the edge, it is because of a deep inner knowledge that his life is but a speck in the face of so much that is amazing and wonderful.

Based on the many positive reviews from family, friends, and fans, My Dog Sighs seems like a great guy to know and it sounds like all of the good he puts out into the universe comes right back to him. Be sure to check out the video after the jump to see a beautiful portrayal of the whole Free Art Friday process; see a can go from breakfast all the way to art in the hands of a passerby. You can see more of My Dog Sigh’s work on his Facebook, Flickr, and Website. He also has a line of T-shirts available for purchase called MyDogTees. Show him some love on Twitter & Instagram where his handle is @mydogsighs.

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