Explosions in the Sky: Independence Day Fireworks

The Fourth of July is the day in which America celebrates gaining its independence from England, and has become synonymous with being the most supreme holiday of the year. Fourth of July is a time where you hang out with family and friends, grill food, and light off a ton of fireworks — the more illegal the better. More than 67 percent of Americans are planning to join in the festivities this year. Whether it’s attending a BBQ, watching a community fireworks celebration, or walking in a parade, there is plenty of fun for everyone — except for the small percentage of people who aren’t celebrating at all.

When you add alcohol into the mix with fireworks the outcome isn’t always an optimal one, so don’t become another statistic. Use safety precautions, you turkey! While the majority of injuries come from sparklers and small firecrackers, shooting roman candles at each other and lighting off illegal fireworks that set off car alarms can be dangerous. Make sure you find a perfect hiding place that has an unobstructed view of the mayhem so that all of your digits, limbs, and eyeballs can remain intact this Fourth of July.

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