One Day, One Plate- What do Olympians Eat?

As we marvel at the physiques of the athletes in the 2012 Olympics, it is not uncommon to wonder what miracle foods they are using to fuel their lean bodies. UK based Photographer Michael Bodiam and his partner Sarah Parker developed a fun project to show a day on the plate of top athletes in various sports. Using dietician Dan Bernardot’s popular book, Advanced Sports Nutrition, the duo graphically displayed his suggested cutting-edge meal plans for optimal performance. According to Bernadot, “Many of these athletes have such enormous energy requirements and they’re so metabolically capable you could practically throw anything down the gullet and they’d be able to burn it!”

The Not-So Distant Future

With Google’s Project Glass underway and expected to be released to the public as early as 2014, it’s fun to imagine where technology will take us. For their graduation project from Jerusalem’s Bezaleal Academy of Arts, Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo made a highly entertaining short film showcasing their predictions of what the future will hold. Once we can do everything that we do on our laptops on Google Glasses, the only logical next step would be to have them embedded into our eyes. The students highlight what augmented reality might look like, showing both the benefits and the potential vulnerabilities.

Visual Bits #242> Painting The Media Red

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Inflorescence: Household Items Go Houseplant

Somewhere between the household chores and houseplants lie this series of photographs by Swiss/Danish art group PUTPUT. Using culinary and cleaning items – like toilet brushes, multi-colored dusters and dish scrubbers – they have taken once plain houseplants and given them highly unexpected blooms, simply by planting the handle of these plastic items in the center of each pot. The items, displayed in such an unusual context, trick the eye and give a first impression that we are looking at something completely lifelike… but soon the obvious trick reveals itself. Fictional or not, these beautiful photographs are certain to make an impression.

Manic and Zany: Looping GIF Animations

Zach Cohen’s short gif animations loop with a manic character all his own, providing us with a glimpse inside his gloriously zany mind. Many of his images seem to spring from normality and through some ludicrous transition in a matter of a few seconds… one moment we are looking at a muscular man, the next he has used those muscles to tear himself into two identical copies of himself, finally he devours his copy and it all begins again. Though only a short few seconds long, each animation holds us happily captive for far longer.

Supertrees of Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s premier urban outdoor recreation space right next to Marina Bay Sands, unveiled a new attraction last month – a cutting-edge horticultural mega project featuring 18 towering solar-powered “supertrees” and climate-controlled biomes. These tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights ranging between 25 meters and 50 meters, are like vertical gardens that perform a multitude of functions, which include providing plants, shading and working as environmental engines for the gardens.

Linear Motion: Intoxicating Portraits by Shorty Fatz

Check out these superb paintings by Samuel Rodriguez, aka Shorty Fatz. He has a way of blending geometric forms, swooshes of color and beautifully painted people all in one dramatic piece. His richly textured works pop portraits out of the canvas surrounded by a near grid of intersecting lines – many looking much like his linear interpretation of brush strokes. The figures themselves exude a sexy cool vibe which is intoxicating. Whatever blissfully technicolor world these people occupy, we crave the ability to be there too.

Visual Bits #241> Type Of All Types

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Bring Your Photos to Life with Flixel

We have photo taking apps like Instagram, video apps like Viddy, and now we have one that combines the two, bringing still pictures to life! Flixel is a new app for iPhone inspired by Cinemagraphs that allows you to create living photos with looped animations. To use the app, just take a video and then with an easy stroke of the finger, choose which part of the photo to animate and which portion of time to loop. Then you have your very own GIF file which can be sent to your friends and/or viewed and voted on by the Flixel community around the world, depending on your privacy settings.

Compound I: A New Art Installation for Burning Man

After attending the famous Burning Man gathering for 3 years, yoga ashtanga master and artist Kistern Berg felt she wanted to give something back to the community that had given her so much. As she thought through ideas, she decided to gift an art installation which she named “Constellation of One.”