Stately Sandwiches: A Tasty Adventure Around the U.S.

For all you sandwich loving photographers out there, this is going to be a really tasty treat. Kelly Pratt, a self described sandwich lover who views a well made one as an art form, has recently started Stately Sandwiches – a project where she’s making handfuls of bread encased goodness for each of the 50 states. Using regional recipes sourced from locals to each area, she’s documenting her culinary adventure by laying out each sandwich’s ingredients neatly on a cutting board and photographing them from the same vertical angle. Later – after consuming her artful creation – she adds useful typographical elements and a map of the state where the recipe came from. Tasty.


The project is cool for a number of reasons. For one, Pratt is giving us a large catalogue of delicious sandwich recipes in visual form, which makes it surprisingly easy to determine the quantities and types of ingredients. Second the images give us a good understanding of what types of sandwiches have been traditionally popular around the states, and which have been a source of pride for certain regions. Third, and perhaps the most obvious, Pratt’s images are beautiful and have a pleasing visual continuity that could easily translate into an excellent future book (hint, hint!). Interested in what she’s going to make next? Check out her ongoing project, which already contains 12 tasty recipes with posters for sale, at

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