More Mountains of Books: New Work by Guy Laramee

When I first ran across the work of Guy Laramee, I was completely floored. This fellow really knows how to do some inspired book carving, taking discarded unloved books like old encyclopedias or dictionaries and transforming them into meditative landscapes. While plenty controversial with the book lovers out there, most people can still see the beauty and exceptional creativity involved in these sculptural masterpieces.

Thankfully for all of us, Guy Laramee has continued refining his craft, working in hints to his deep philosophies on life while continuing to experiment with the multitude of ways he’s found to carve his literary medium. In these recent works he has bored holes straight through books, carved a book designed to have its attractive cover left open, and created his first water themed piece: a wave inspired by The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai. Be sure to check out more of Laramee’s fascinating work at

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  1. roomain

    amazing work, very poetic.
    i love the idea that the landscape literaly grows from the book, but it looses its meaning as a book.
    to me it will be more interresting if you carve a blank book and then print or handprint it.
    anyway that’s a very impressive work!

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