Totally Rad! Apple Fashion From the 1980s

Oh the 80s… so wonderful and so completely regrettable. Check out these examples from Apple’s foray into the fashion world from somewhere about 1986. Baggy sweatshirts? Elastic waisted nylon pants? Bodacious graphic design? Check, check and check. We can guarantee any of these designs would put you in the top slot at your next 80s party costume contest… you can’t beat the lethal combination all-out tech nerdery and, like, totally rad style!


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  1. Adam Farwell

    I bet that these will be worth a lot of money, if not just attention. I think I had one of those shirts in the first photo. My uncle ran a commodore computer store before they were cool…(Amiga, Commodore 64) classics… I remember the Apple II and III back in the 80s.

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