The Long Wait For Donated Organs

Being born with weaker organs than others is a bummer, and the thought of losing your life because you weren’t able to get an organ transplant is even more disheartening. Organ donation rates have increased considerably over the years as awareness of donor programs has grown, yet nearly 20 Americans die each day while waiting for a transplant. There are more than 114,000 Americans who are eligible for organ transplants and waiting for a donation, with more than 80% of candidates waiting for a new kidney.

When it comes to the type of transplants people need, younger children under the age of 5 most commonly need liver transplants, but kidneys are still in the highest demand across all of the different age groups. This probably isn’t a surprise, but the majority of people still waiting for transplants are all aged 50 and older. For many people, hanging around on the wait list can be a long and arduous process. Most wait in agony between one and two years for an organ to become available. People in need of liver, pancreas, or heart-lung transplants wait closer to five years.

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