Women, Carnivorous Hats and QR Codes, Oh My!

It’s not every day that you run across art that combines beautiful women, carnivorous plants and QR codes… but this is the internet where this makes complete sense, and even makes the unusual concept look good. How does it all fit together you might ask? Australian artist Yiying Lu tactfully merges the three concepts, painting the faces of 7 beautiful women wearing different carnivorous plants as colorful and potentially deadly hats (well, at least for the insects going by, which could be a big selling point in some parts of the world). Accurately woven into some of the natural patterns on the biological headwear, Lu has painted QR codes which work surprisingly well. Perfect for people viewing the artwork in a gallery setting, the codes send viewers to the video below, which shows time-lapse recordings of Lu creating the works featured here.


It’s really an impressive feat to create a QR code which works using a technique like watercolor – a method not known for its linear accuracy. Seriously, these codes work as well as any printed version. It’s also something to have viewers directly and immediately interacting with your art, sending them to rewarding content which enhances their art viewing experience. For more on this innovative artist and her work, check out yiyinglu.com.


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