We Love Friday! – Oodles of Tattoos

Love them or hate them, want them or regret them, tattoos have been decorating the human form for ages. In fact, the oldest tattoos on record (found on preserved mummies) date back to 3300BC. The wise Johnny Depp once said “my body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” For this week’s We Love Friday post, we wanted to share some of our favorite tattoos on Instagram. If you have any tattoos, we would love for you to comment below and share with us the story behind them.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Instagrammers we featured this week! Be sure to click on their links and show them some love. The theme for next week is paintings. If you’ve got a great painting to share, capture it on your smart phone, tag it #painting @visualnews and we will feature our favorite ones next Friday. Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading!

Above: @shootermcnally
Below: @blackpearl602
















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  1. Amandasays:


    The Yoda tattoo is not mine, But it was done at the shop I work at.

    Artist : Scott McCauley

    Shop info : Ventura Blvd Tattoo Studio
    3023 Cedarview Road

  2. My tattoo was done by Julian Garner from 5cent, in Ottawa Canada. I actually did a shot doc on his work as well!



  3. Klass – Super

  4. Thanks for featuring my newest tattoo on your website! My tattoo was done in San Francisco at Skull and Sword Tattoo by the amazing Henry Lewis. Henry has also done some other work on me, featuring his intricate detailing, fine line work, and incredible artistic abilities. My tattoo is of my cat Duke wearing his sunday best in a spin of a cameo brooch.

  5. tattoo super

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