Wall Veneered with 20,000 Wooden Hexagons

This intricate pattern-work on the exterior of this archway for Clerkenwell Design Week is, at first glance, mesmerizing and impressive as a piece of art, but might not initially strike you as groundbreaking. Take a little closer look though, and you will understand the innovation behind the facade. The real beauty of this archway, the ingenious idea of Giles Miller Studio, is that it employs natural light to help make its geometric face come alive. Each of the hexagonal wood “pixels” was laser cut and angled in a such a way that the light reflects off each identical piece differently, resulting in a pattern of seemingly multi-colored pieces.

The studio is a london-based design practice that specializes in creative surface designs. All of their design work is created in-house, while even the manufacturing is many times done in-house, including the Clerkenwell Archway. With a brilliant ability to offer a wide-range of solutions, the studio is quickly garnering much deserved attention, even doing work for clients such as Ritz-Carlton Hotels and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Giles Miller Studio mentioned that it,”prides itself on the ability to deliver a diverse range of solutions that marry architecture with beautiful interior finish by way of original and inspiring surface development.” Textures seem to be lost in this digital age, and it is refreshing to see it used so intelligently and beautifully.

Brad Woodard

Brad Woodard

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who never seems to have enough hours in the day. When I am not designing something, it would be safe to assume I am either reading or writing about it. All of my work is made possible by cereal and Johnny Cash songs. See evidence of many sleepless nights in my portfolio at www.bradwoodarddesign.com.

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