Banksy’s Art Comes to Life

Without a doubt, the most famous street artist in the world, Banksy, has taken the art world by storm… even when people at first ignored his talents. Now, elite galleries and collectors worldwide vie for his pieces, and photographs of his newest street editions make the rounds of the internet hours after they appear on walls. Here, many of his most famous works are re-created by declared fan Nick Stern using real people to emulate them.

The series, titled “You are not Banksy,” does an excellent job of emulating the poses and outfits of the original street-based works, from the iconic flower thrower, to the peeing Royal guard and kissing British police officers. Here we look at a side-by-side comparison of his pieces next to Banksy’s originals. For more of Nick Sterns work, check out

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  1. bree kronichwicz

    I just saw on the Official Spencer Tunick Facebook page,and on it he has “Banksy’s blue Rat with
    sign 2011” on it,The sign reads “Spencer Tunick Installation” and a red pointer showing direction.This from what i’ve found out goes back to when Spencer photographed both Banksy,his aussie friend and Artist James DeWeaver and it says forty others in 2000,at Byron Bay,Australia,and this CAN be seen on DeWeaver’s website,scroll down the left all the way at the bottom and you’ll see it,their all nude!

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