True Colors: What Brand Colors Say About A Business

Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60-80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, which makes choosing the wrong color a death sentence before your brand ever has a chance to get off the ground. The most recognizable labels in the world are defined by their colors. Take a second to think of some of the most popular brands that instantly come to mind: Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, and Google – to name a few. All of these companies strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers, making them instantly recognizable across the globe.

Visual Bits #224> An Eclectic Nature

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Argentinian Artist Illustrates Kafka

Welcome to the South American edition of Franz Kafka’s Un Artista del Trapecio (English title: First Sorrow), which displays a successful but lonely trapeze artist, created by a talented illustrator who is becoming a savvy illustrator. Christian Montenegro, an Argentina-born artist with a background in comic-production and graphic design, has imbued this publication with an appropriately theatrical quality: flat black backgrounds imply dark cavernous spaces from which our main character and his peers are suspended in brightly colored gradients with geometric formations. Montenegro’s use of stark straight lines evokes interesting and relevant qualities of imprisonment, measurement, and compartmentalization, but the result is a visual production as composed, pleasing, and harmonious as successfully-rehearsed choreography.

We Love Friday! – Bubbles Make the World Pop

Who’d have thought a little soap mixture with some air in it could keep children and dogs entertained for hours? Bubbles are a summer staple, they are right up there with a rubber ducky in making bath time loads of fun, and they have been getting kids in trouble at the dinner table for centuries. The World’s largest free-floating bubble ever made was 105.4 cubic feet. If it were filled with water, it would hold 788 gallons and weigh 3.2 tons! Bubbles are so beloved that there is even a week in March deemed National Bubble Week! To honor these magnificent pockets of air that make life so much more fun, we would like to feature some of the coolest bubble photos on Instagram while we toast a glass of bubbly- because champagne would just be white wine if it weren’t for all those bubbles!

Stately Sandwiches: A Tasty Adventure Around the U.S.

For all you sandwich loving photographers out there, this is going to be a really tasty treat. Kelly Pratt, a self described sandwich lover who views a well made one as an art form, has recently started Stately Sandwiches – a project where she’s making handfuls of bread encased goodness for each of the 50 states. Using regional recipes sourced from locals to each area, she’s documenting her culinary adventure by laying out each sandwich’s ingredients neatly on a cutting board and photographing them from the same vertical angle. Later – after consuming her artful creation – she adds useful typographical elements and a map of the state where the recipe came from. Tasty.

Whiteboard Drawings Done on a Short Lunch Break

Think you’ve got whiteboard art skills? Just check out these drawings by Gregory Euclide who creates each astounding piece on his short 25 minute lunch break. It’s hard to believe the speed with which he must create each of the detailed pieces, seamlessly working in both realistic architectural elements and abstract linear swooshes. Unlike so many illustrations done with dry erase markers – which only leave crisp well defined lines – his works mix in drips and wet streaks from areas he’s moistened. The results hardly look as if they could be drawn on whiteboard at all.

Powering Ag: An Energy Challenge For Development

Our world is continually coming up with new ways to use its resources and technological advancements to use them more efficiently. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are still people in the world incapable of creating enough food for their families and communities to thrive or sometimes even survive. Helping developing and low-income nations step into modern times has been a constant challenge for decades, and expanding access to clean energy is a key component of global development efforts. But, how are we going to do this? This motion graphic created by Powering Agriculture, an initiative of the United States Agency of International Development (USAID), looks at how clean energy technology can be the answer.

Tumblr Treasures- Pen & Ink

Whenever I see an interesting tattoo, I love to ask the person to share with me the meaning behind it. In doing this, I’ve heard some truly fascinating stories and some that are more like: “I don’t know, my friend was getting a tattoo so I just picked out something on the wall.” If you have a tattoo with a meaningful story behind it, are thinking about getting one but can’t decide what, or just like hearing about other peoples’ tattoos, then we’ve found the perfect Tumblr for you! Pen & Ink was created by Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton as a place for those with body art to share the stories behind it. It features each person’s name and occupation, a fun sketch of each tattoo diagraming where it is on the body, and, of course, the reasoning for it.

Visual Bits #223> The Future Is Near

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Social Landmarks Around the World

With the summer vacation season now upon us, Facebook has dipped into its check-in data to figure out the locations of the world’s most social landmarks. The data covered 25 cities worldwide, and the most popular social landmarks included sports arenas, public areas, amusement parks, concert arenas, and shopping malls. People love checking into their favorite spots, whether to celebrate memories with family and friends, or make them jealous because they might be missing out on an amazing time. Some of the most popular check-ins are an obvious no-brainer — like Times Square in NYC or the Coliseum in Rome, Italy — others will totally surprise you, and places left off the list will leave you scratching your head as to why they didn’t make the cut.