Russian Weddings: Photoshopped

When it’s time to get married, who is going to take your photos? In Russia, there are special photographers that take photos of the soon to be bride and groom and use a program called “photo shop” to make them look funny! Or in Russian, смешной!

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The photo-shop techniques take years to perfect and the creators of the examples we have here are at the peak of their game. Brides floating in angelic form in the sky, grooms in a shoe and “mini man groom” are some of the brilliant ideas created by the photographers.

Would you hire a Russian photographer to do your wedding photos? It’s sure to get a few laughs and smiles from your friends.


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  1. Vladimirsays:

    I didn’t know the “photo shop” is a russian program:))))) What can i say…Gorko!!!

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