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First Wingsuit Landing Without A Parachute!

Thursday 05.24.2012 , Posted by


Jeb Corliss recently found his videos all over the news, featuring his near fatal crash at Table Mountain in South Africa. He survived and after many other previous stunts including flying through a cave in China, it is a wonder he is still alive today. His crash was not enough to discourage stuntman Gary Connery in his recent world record wingsuit jump, landing without a parachute into a pile of cardboard boxes.

These wild and wonderful feats that the world’s daredevils are pulling off would make cowboys of the old west think we are all aliens with super human powers. My parents think we are a bunch of idiots. I am looking into wingsuit lessons.  Whatever your view, it is undeniably impressive that Connery managed to walk out of the pile of boxes with no major injuries other than likely a few bruises or paper cuts from the boxes. His comment to the press after landing? “Let’s pop that champagne before it gets warm.” It seems that landing without a parachute did not quench his need for a drink, or perhaps he realized last minute that a flat top haircut was not the best choice with so much media waiting at the bottom.

Brand new footage below from the other wingsuit pilots flying with him!

The long version below on Sky News.




Steven Shoppman

Written by Steven Shoppman

Steven Shoppman is a contributor to The Visual News and an avid explorer. In 2009 he received the honor of "Adventurer of the Year" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine for his expedition driving two trucks around the world. The expedition was named "The World by Road" He continues to plan new adventures and you can visit his personal website to learn more about him at

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