Instagram Logo Comes to Life

The combination of a polaroid camera and Instagram may be the dream of hipsters everywhere… and with a little luck that dream might become a reality. A marketing and communication studio called ADR Studio has created a concept design of an Instagram camera. They call it the Instagram Socialmatic. The camera would be a 16GB WIFi enabled camera that looks just like the Instagram logo. The concept features a flat 4:3 touch screen, WiFi and bluetooth function for instant sharing to Facebook, Led flash and optical zoom, two camera lenses for regular and filter shots, and even a 4 color printer for the polaroid fans out there. The printed images would include a QR code for connecting to photographer’s Instagram profile. The printed images also would have a sticky strip (like a post-it) to enable sticking it up wherever you please.

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The concept camera combines the wild success of the social app with the nostalgia of being able to print your very own pictures. The design, staying true to the logo of Instagram, makes it even more desirable because it is so recognizable and popular.  Instagram has over 30 million accounts and is now owned by Facebook. With a power team like that, this concept project should be brought into reality pretty soon. Currently, ADR Studio has the Instagram Socialmatic on Indiegogo and is raising funds to actually make it into a real camera. Here’s to hoping.

Brad Woodard

Brad Woodard

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who never seems to have enough hours in the day. When I am not designing something, it would be safe to assume I am either reading or writing about it. All of my work is made possible by cereal and Johnny Cash songs. See evidence of many sleepless nights in my portfolio at

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