Mother’s Day Confession Cards

Oh Mother’s Day- the perfect time to tell the woman who sacrificed her social life, her figure, and her sanity to give you life how much she means to you. So while your mom is on cloud nine with all the flowers and pampering you’re giving her, why not use this time to confess something that’s been on your mind? Pleated-Jeans has come up with some hilarious Mother’s Day Cards that you won’t find on the Hallmark rack at drug stores!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mom’s out there. We wish you the most relaxing, enjoyable day filled with laughter and love, and hopefully none of these confession cards! If you have any more confession suggestions, please add them to the comments section below and be sure to check out Pleated-Jeans’ everyday confession collection as well.

Via: InspireFirst

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  1. Harriet Swift

    Can sophomoric be downgraded even further to freshmaniac? There is a disspiriting lack of wit or humor in these limp offerings. Perhaps conceived as an antidote to the syrupy Hallmark cards of overwrought roses and platitudinal verse, these bits suffer from the same lack of imagination.

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