Big Picture, Big Caption: News Pics Irreverently Remixed

You know all those incredible, world changing photos over at’s The Big Picture? These are the photos that routinely capture major events in the world, bringing them big and bold before our eyes and enlightening us to the triumphs and tragedies of the human saga. Captured by talented photographers around the globe, each unique image speaks to our hearts and motivates us to take a larger view of the world.

The images we have here completely change that, putting a fully irreverent spin on the images by giving them captions sure to amuse and even slightly offend. With their clever crops and colorful typographic captions, they subvert the original meaning of each image, transforming them into something sarcastically cynical… but because we know what these images really are they still retain part of their underlying meaning.

Perhaps this is what gives the images such power: because of the completely irreverent way they are displayed, the pictures can give us a chance to re-evaluate where we put our attention and how often we take for granted how good we have it. In looking at these images, we see the good and the bad treated equally, and in doing so, they give us a powerful wake-up call. You can see more of the images, and their original sources at The Big Caption.


Benjamin Starr

Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea. When not impressing people with his humbling humility, he can be found freelance writing, finding shiny objects on the internet, enjoying the company of much-appreciated friends and living out his nomadic nature. He is Managing Editor of Visual News. Follow his movements on Twitter:

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