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Mustache and Lighting Bolt Wallets

Wednesday 05.09.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever wanted to grow that slick mustache but your old lady won’t let you? Do you find you need that Zeus energy for your daily life (and your old lady)? Do you just want to be “cool?” Well friends, Whodini Handmade is here to assist you in these needs and more.

Whodini Handmade makes some of the finest wallets coming from California these days. Full of masculine energy, the mustache and lighting series’ are some of their most popular lines with the men (and some women).

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The designs are created by Jay Pezelle in Long Beach, California. Handmade with love, if you find yourself looking for a nice piece of art to stash your cash, cards and coins, check out Whodini Handmade.

Shawn Saleme

Written by Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme is a full time writer for Visual News. Having traveled to over 50 countries, his international escapades continue to influence his writing and perspective. When not in a foreign territory, he makes his home in his native San Francisco Bay Area. Become friends with him on Facebook and invite him to share drinks and stories with you.

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  1. These wallets are great. Thanks for the lead. Im always on the look out for something new and fresh.

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