Freaky Realistic Movie Sculptures Bring Stars to Life

Forget wax museums, these latex sculptures of Hollywood stars are so real they’re completely freaky! Can you imagine walking into a room where Jack Nicholson’s very realistic bust is wielding an axe at you? How about Heath Ledgers Joker giving you a demented stare? The details on these figures are so precise it’s astounding: individual hairs are visible, eyes are wet and focused, you can practically see them breath… and a few of these are only 1/6th scale, only becoming obvious when you notice the size of things next to them.

The sculptures are created by Bobby Causey, an artist with a knack for realism and a passion for film. He not only creates the characters you see here, but also movie vehicle replicas with just as much thought and precision. Of his work he says, “I can only tell you I love what I do. I have had all sorts of different jobs, and sculpture as been the most rewarding and fulfilling.” It certainly shows. Check out more of his wild sculptures (with behind the scenes shots of how they are created) on his website or at DeviantArt.

Above: Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson from The Shining
Below: Jack Nicholson before getting clothes

David from the Lost Boys

Demon Batman and David from the Lost Boys

Heath Ledger Joker


Tyler Durden from Fight Club

Little 1/6th scale Heath Ledger as Joker

1/6th scale Heath Ledger as Joker

The Tall Man from Phantasm

Completed 1/6th scale Heath Ledger Joker

The artists daughter as a character from Avatar

Bobby Causey, the artist at work on David from Lost Boys


Benjamin Starr

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  1. Sarasays:

    The Joker one is perfect. You’ve truly immortalised Heath Ledger.

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