Interactive: Learn Good French Wines Like a Pro


Have you ever been at a fancy hobb-nobbing party and said something like:

“Today most wines are fully mature. It has proved to be a delicious vintage but perhaps just short of the density, complexity and ultimate longevity for greatness. The whites were probably under-rated because they appeared, on tasting, to have little acidity. In fact it was there, but masked by the tannins from thick skins. This phenomenon, curiously enough, was repeated in both 1995 and 2005. Even so, 1985 whites will now be past their best.”

Ok… neither have I, but if you have ever wanted to sound like a fancy-shmancy wine snob, there has never been an easier time. This interactive graphic allows the selection of a specific year and then each region gets a rating for how the wine turned out for each year.  From there you get into the really fancy descriptions from Berry Bros and Rudd and that is where you can harvest your verbal ammo to dazzle your fellow party goers with a bunch of rhetoric that no one really understands. More usefully though, the graphic gives recommendations on whether to drink the vintage or wait to give it more time to mature.  Either way, the visualization of French wine is pretty sweet.  Click here or the photo below to launch the interactive version.



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