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Introducing Touchy, A Human Camera from Japan

Thursday 05.03.2012 , Posted by

Touchy is a camera that is placed on one’s head and only takes photos when the person wearing the camera is physically touched. Every time a person makes contact with the person wearing the camera head, it will open its shutter like eye-holes and take photos. If the person keeps holding on to the touch of that person, then the camera will take a shot every ten seconds.

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Developed by the minds of Eric Siu, Tomohiko Hayakawa, and Carson Reynolds, Touchy (The human camera) is a phenomenological social interaction experiment that focuses on the relationship of giving and receiving by literally transforming a human into a camera. This human camera, with its unique interpersonal properties, aims at healing social anxiety by creating joyful interactions.

“It is common for humans to be separated into social bubbles, to avoid sharing social space and to connect to strangers,” say its creators. “However, technologies like Internet social networking or the mobile phone loosens social boundaries, hence dehumanizing physical communication. To a certain extent, it generates social anxiety such as the one experienced in the “Hikikomori” and “Otaku” cultures in Japan. Touchy criticizes this phenomenon and suggests a solution by transforming the human being into a social device: a camera. The Touchy project investigates how such a device improves social life, presupposing that a camera is a known tool for sharing memories, valuable moments, enjoyment, emotions, beauty and so forth. “

To learn more about Touchy: The Human Camera, check out the beautiful video below, then head to


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