Intricate Animals Made from Wood Chips

It’s hard to believe at first glance, but these life-sized animals are made out of small chips and slivers of wood. Their textures look nearly like fur and feather, giving them a much softer appearance than their true woody nature. I mean, look at those detailed, banded feathers!


55 year old Russian artist Sergey Bobkov creates the pieces using ceder sticks which are about 2-3 inches long. He cuts them down into 100-150 thin slices shaped based on what he wants to create and puts them in water for several days to soften. He then assembles his animals, all of Siberian origin, using precision and skill he has carefully mastered. His wood chip technique is so unique in fact, that he’s actually received a patent on its style. The 15 pieces completed thus far were created for a school exhibition in a local Siberian school in Kozhany, southwest of Krasnoyarsk.


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