Visual Bits #202> A Futuristic World

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Tumblr Treasures- NYC Through the Eyes of a Taxi Driver

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a virtual ride through NYC through the eyes of taxi driver, Max Cohen. This week’s Tumblr Treasure is called ThingsISeeFromMyCab and it is as colorful and entertaining as the Big Apple where the pictures were taken from the driver’s seat of a yellow cab. Max Cohen isn’t your typical taxi driver. He just received his MBA and is opening a store called North Brooklyn Collective- a retail, skate, and bike shop.

The Prepaid Card Mine Field

Seriously, who doesn’t want a prepaid card sponsored by the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” Lil’ Wayne, the hip-hop and clothing mogul Russell Simmons, or the internationally acclaimed personal finance expert Suze Orman? With these celebrity endorsements, prepaid cards have become big business – but are they really a solid investment? Most people think all they have to do is put money on the card, spend the money until it’s gone and then refill the card when you get around to it. But we know better than to think it’s really that easy, right?

Nature Light-Stencils Bring Life to Abandoned Buildings

These beautiful images, which at first appear to be digitally manipulated urban environments, are even more astounding when we find they are actually light paintings created with stencils. Created by TigTab, an artist with a secret identity, each image can take hours to complete, requiring many flashes from her custom built light boxes and one very long exposure to capture the final result.

Visual Bits #201> Quirky Retro Music

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Colander Sculptures Cast Beautiful Faces

Sometimes even the simplest of objects can become fantastically beautiful art. Renowned street artist Isaac Cordal did that recently when he transformed ordinary kitchen colanders into shadow casting sculptures which reveal surprisingly detailed faces. To create the effect, Cordal took the geometric mesh of the strainers and carefully manipulated their forms into 3D visages of two men and a figure resembling the Virgin Mary. The series of three small sculptures are part of a test he’s conduction for future projects which use the abundant power of city lights for their illumination.

The Beauty of Craftsmanship

Did you ever wonder how a good guitar is made? This amazing film brings “how it’s made” to a whole new level of beauty and art. In just 3 minutes the film covers a process that takes 299 hours by master guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides, who claims that “the act of instrument crafting is a great way to deal with the reality.” Motion graphics show the process, the measurements, the thought process and the sheer dedication to detail needed to complete the construction of a hand made Flamenco. Accompanied by the fantastic flamenco music of Dutch guitar virtuoso and composer Edsart udo De Haes, this film keeps the spirit of process alive with an excellent sound track.

Carpoolers: The Daily Commute Captured From Above

Not everyone’s daily commute includes a comfortable air conditioned environment, morning talk radio and an office at the end. Mexican photographer Alejandro Cartagena captures many of these people from overpasses near his home-base in Monterrey, just as the trucks that carry them pass under his talented lens. These workers head to construction sites, landscaping jobs and field work packed into the back of truck beds with the tools of their trade, while they catch a few last minutes of sleep before the long day of manual labor. It captures a world that many of us miss… even as they pass us on the freeway.

Where could it be? Tracking Vintage Album Art in NYC

While strolling, or should I say hustling- to avoid tourist-hating glares and eye rolls, through the most populated city in the United States, I would always wonder how many amazing people had walked the very same sidewalks as me. In the city where celebrity sightings are as common as taxi drivers cutting people off, it would be difficult to find a street in Manhattan that doesn’t have some secret claim to fame. The birthplace of some of the greatest music of all time, New York City is where many artists got their starts in all different genres of music from jazz to punk rock and everything in between and also the place many of them chose for their album art photos. Real Estate Agent by day, Bob Egan spends his free time as an album art detective, hunting down settings of some of his favorite records for

Visual Bits #200> A Dark Elegance

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