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The Nostalgic Streets of Sao Paulo

Monday 04.30.2012 , Posted by

If you find yourself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, make sure to take notice of the stunning 3D perspective murals that fill the city. As you roam the streets you can catch a glimpse of history walking alongside you; murals of people from another time, old cars, and old buildings. These murals display a sense of realism that draw the viewer in to another time and give a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. The artwork has been inspired by many different Mexican and Brazilian artists, but are painted by only one man.

Eduardo Kobra began painting in 1987 in the Brazilian countryside and soon after his talent emerged, started taking over Sao Paulo and beautifying everything he touched. His project titled “Walls Of Memory” has transformed the urban landscape and helped to rescue the memories of the city in the early twentieth century before it became industrially overgrown. In showing what it once was, the murals allow passerby to interact with the art and form memories of a past they may have never experienced.

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Placing exhibitions inside and outside Brazil, Kobra has become a well known artist. He was the first to create a 3D sidewalk painting in the country, one that still exists in downtown Sao Paulo’s Patriarch Plaza. His latest project “Green Painter,” artistically combines the nature of man and the environment. You can view videos and more of his works on his website.

Eduardo Kobra

Skye Jordan

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  1. Few of them is really close to my office. Its amazing, some of these walls have more then 15 m.

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