Lost in Art: Liu Bolin Paints Himself Invisible

Have you ever wanted to get “Lost in Art?” Liu Bolin, a performance artist based out of Beijing, China wanted to, and he did it in a most unusual way. Throughout the past couple of years, Liu has been making amazing “invisible man” art all over the world, painting his clothes and body until he almost seamlessly merges with the world around him.

Images of the Olympic stadium, stocked supermarkets or a park are some of the backgrounds Liu has used. He has traveled to Italy and France to do pieces of his work. He currently has an exhibit called “Hiding in New York” which just opened last month in the city at Eli Klein Fine Art: it is the most recent exhibit of many Liu has done before. Hiding in New York displays shots of him throughout the vast city with photos of the freedom tower at ground zero, various shops and parks. It is similar to the work from his “Hiding in the City” series, which featured him in parts of Beijing villages that were going to be destroyed because of the Beijing Olympics. As those provoked an emotional response, it is likely some of the shots he did in New York may provide a similar reaction.

To see more of Liu Bolin’s recent work and exhibit, check here.


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