StudioVox: Connecting the Creative/Contest for $200!

One of the most difficult things for an artist to master today is keeping up in the digital age, and that means getting their work out to the masses (and that certain someone who can buy/pay them for their work). I’ve spoken to artists who either have no clue of where to be on the Internet, or don’t have the time to keep up with 9 different profiles across the creative portfolio landscape. Creating art and producing quality work is hard enough without having to promote, submit, and constantly stay up on the ever changing digital landscape of art, photography, and design blogs. The list of sites to promote your work is massive, so which do you choose? Where is your audience? Where do you even begin? StudioVox, looks to help you with that.

What I find to be exceptionally valuable in the approach StudioVox is taking, is that they truly have the artists best intentions in mind. They are looking to create a social networking platform that focuses on the creative industry — from the people, to the agents, to the fans — everyone’s invited to participate. StudioVox encourages creative professionals to showcase their work and sell it, market themselves, connect with fans and industry peers, and possibly find their next creative job. This makes it one heck of a comprehensive platform for creative promotion.

Check out this video for how StudioVox works, then read on for their exclusive Visual News $200 Contest!

StudioVox’s platform is organized around four user groups:

  • Creatives – Creative Professionals & Artists
  • Industry – Creative Companies & Organizations
  • Agents – Representation, Management & Labels
  • Enthusiasts – Fans, Friends, Followers, Enjoyers & Purchasers

“StudioVox centers on the belief that the commercial value of a creative professional hinges on their ability to promote themselves, attract industry attention, and increase the quality of their relationships with their fans. StudioVox was designed to help creatives promote their work, grow fan relationships, and ultimately earn more as they become more popular.”

What about that contest? StudioVox is inviting 99 Visual News readers to join their private beta. By using the set of directions below to enter the contest and giving feedback on their site you will be part of the small group eligible to win a $200 VISA gift card to use on getting those art projects off the ground. The winner will be chosen as the person who provides the best feedback, and as an extra bonus they’ll get their own designs/art featured in a special section of the site.

  1. Visit and use access code STVX-visualnews to log in.
  2. Create a profile, upload an avatar, explore the site.
  3. Comment on this Visual News post with the link to your new StudioVox profile and include your thoughts, suggestions and any general feedback.

Don’t hesitate to hit up the good people at StudioVox once you’ve set up your account. They would truly enjoy supporting your creative endeavors, and would be honored to be a part of helping you promote your hard work.

via: StudioVox

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