Polygonal Celebrities from your Ipad

Poly is a new geometric drawing app for the iPad by Seoul-based interaction designer Jean-Christophe Naour.
The program lets you import imagery and trace it geometrically while it averages color based on data within each triangular field. As you draw with points, your pictures turn into a geometric array of colors.

The project is inspired by the triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. While the process behind is complicated, the results reduce an image to its essentials, creating the illusions of triangles, prisms and pyramids.

Some of the features include:
· Taking and loading pictures.
· Draw, Erase, Undo.
· Different rendering styles : flat, wire frame, point, color blending.
· Saving to your Photo Library.
· Portrait and Landscape mode.

The people at FeelDesain decided to have some fun and use the new application on celebrities of the day. Check out some of the results of the new app. Have fun with it yourself and post it on our Visual News Facebook page!

Available on Apple store :

Poly™ from Jean-Christophe Naour on Vimeo.

via FeelDesain

Shawn Saleme

Shawn Saleme is a contributing writer for Visual News. A 4th generation San Franciscan, Shawn has developed an adventurous spirit that has taken him to over 55 countries. His degree in cultural anthropology shapes his perspective and thirst to socially experiment in a rapidly shifting planet. His work has been featured in the Seattle Times, The Globalist and the Daily Mail. Currently he is writing a book about the shared economy. Connect with him @shawnsaleme.

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