Illustrating Humor from the Therapists Couch

She deals in stereotypes, puns, clichés, humorous self-mockery and has an amazingly cool name. Parisian illustrator Vainui de Castelbajac has a knack for hitting societies funny bone with her works, which look at some of the lesser touched subjects, from lesbian culture to the psychologists couch. Here, in her new series cutely titled “Docteur Rorschach,” she pokes fun at many of the common phrases uttered in a therapists office, transforming their meaning by changing the patient to something far more appropriate… like a troubled nesting doll or ink pen.

One of her other successful series of illustrations got its start when she and some friends threw a party where girls could meet, dance and listen to great music. The girls named it “What’s Gouine On,” a pun that takes advantage of the French word for dyke. Vainui then created a brilliant set of illustrations lovingly poking fun at lesbian culture and relationships. For more of her refreshingly new work, including a new nature themed series of ads for personal lubricant, check out

These comics are all originally written in French. The comic below translates to: “I think it’s just more of the same wavelength.”


Benjamin Starr

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  1. Superb illustration, and subtle humor — I find this refreshing and it provided a great start to my day. Thanks.

    However, the French caption translates to “I don’t think we’re on the same wavelength anymore.” In French, “on” is an impersonal “we.”

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