The Morning After: German Clubs After Everyone Leaves

A couple of German students from Hamburg decided to start a photography project. They wanted to take photos of well known German nightclubs after everyone had spent a heavy night of dancing, drinking and partying. Taking the shots in the early morning after everyone had left, they aptly named the art project The Morning After.

Giesermann André and Daniel Schulz liked the idea of taking photos of clubs after the party. One inspiration they had in doing the project, was to show that after everyone is done dancing in the dark and the house lights go on, one can see the true form of the space. They also wanted to show that even though the club is empty the photos still bring the viewer an image of people dancing. By just looking at the photos, one knows that something had happened there.


Both students study at the HAW Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts in communication design and industrial design. They are planning a joint photo book for the future.


via drlima

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