Mesmerizing Ferrofluid Dances to Music

Like a music video for the scientifically minded, the short film below explores the unusual world of ferrofluid, a liquid which acts a lot like a gelatinous magnet. The second installment in an ongoing series of experiments, the film was made by Singapore based photographer/videographer Afiq Omar, who edited it with a distinctly dark and rhythmic style that’s as intriguing as it is creepy. Omar’s goal was to create something using ‘analog’ effects, so what you see here uses few modifications after shooting, showing the utter weirdness of his subject material and his talent as a videographer.

By this time you’ve probably heard about ferrofluid. This otherworldly substance looks like motor oil, but hidden inside it are nanoscale feromagnetic particles… in layman’s terms, this liquid acts like a magnet. When exposed to a nearby magnetic field, the liquid jumps to life creating strange patterns controlled by the invisible field influencing it. The fluid also changes its behavior based on the carrier liquid used, in the case of the first video below, that is everything from soap to alcohol and milk. It’s a window into a world of energy which surrounds us, but is rarely seen. You can find more of Afiq Omar’s projects at

Below, Omar’s first installment in the series, in which he found metallic objects around the house and filmed them interacting with ferrofluid.

And now for something completely different: Sachiko Kodama and Yasushi Miyajima’s hugely popular “Morpho Towers — Two Standing Spirals.” The video features two magnetic conical spirals which sit in a pool of ferrofluid and moving synthetically to music.

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