Stopping Traffic: The Busiest NYC Subway Stops?

New York City, where half the population doesn’t own a car, is synonymous with Mass Transit. The MTA pegs subway and bus ridership at approximately seven million a day; and each year puts out a ridership report for subway and bus stations. The subway’s share of ridership is split between its 400 plus stations located in the boroughs that aren’t named Staten Island. Here at Visual News we’ve visualized the latest weekday ridership report (from 2010) on a Vignelli inspired map. Predictably the busiest stations are in Manhattan, with interesting upticks seen in isolated and end-of-the-line stops.

Do you live in NYC? How many people per weekday day does your stop see? Find out by viewing the full-sized graphic here.

Click here or the image below for a full sized view.

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  1. Warp

    There’s a mistake on the map.

    The Sutphin Blvd / JFK stop at the end of the JZ is actually also on the E, and this doesn’t appear to be properly represented on the map.

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