Disgustingly Tasteful Still Life Photography

You might be wondering why you are looking at a bunch of intriguing, yet slightly disgusting still life photographs of rotting food. This over the top collection titled “One Third,” is Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler’s reaction to the nature of global food waste. The visually elaborate pieces of art, temporal by their very nature, are an appropriate and fascinating way to capture our attention, make us aware of a global issue and call us to stand up for the cause.

Do you know how much food on the planet goes to waste, or how many unfortunate people in the world go starving each day? Most of us have at least a rough understanding about the struggle of hunger, but did you know that an estimated 925 million people experience it first hand? According to one UN study, fully 1/3 of the world’s food goes to waste. It’s simple math to understand that that amount could easily feed the worlds hungry.

Organizations fighting against food waste and hunger have been established: UNICEF, The Hunger Project, Global Foodbanking Network, and Heifer International, to name just a few. Klaus Pichler is creating awareness through his photography. What can the rest of us do? It’s time to be conscious of our actions, of our wastefulness, and encourage policies that promote food for all. Check out more of Pichler’s inspiring photography collections on his website or catch an upcoming exhibition.

via: Beautiful Decay

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