Where Did My Tweet Go? 3D Chart of Your Twitter Reach

What happens when you send out a tweet into the wilds of the internet? Does it soar to the heights of Twitter stardom or bomb with nary a retweet? Even now, it’s pretty difficult to see with any certainty information about your 140 character message: like who you’ve reached, the number of retweets after it’s left your direct circle of connections or how large that group actually is. Now, along with a few other projects, Where Did My Tweet Go? is planning to soon offer a solution that is as functional as it is visually attractive.

The app creates a galaxy map-like visual, viewable in both 2D and 3D, which shows your tweets action across twitter… beginning at the center with your tweet. Blue lines emanate from your central tweet, indicating retweets. The expanding concentric circles host the individuals who have retweeted you, with green lines shooting upward to represent the sheer number of people their influence reaches. Underneath the circles is a handy, adjustable tweet timeline, allowing you to track your tweets spread through its history.

Not only do we get a quick and understandable view of where our tweet goes, we also get some very handy numbers like the total of retweets, the total of twitter users your message reached and a spread score that tracks your tweets popularity based on an algorithm MFG labs hasn’t divulged as of yet.

Currently the app, created by MFG Laps, is in an internet only experimental mode, meaning you can’t use it to track your personal tweets. They do, however, have a number of interesting example tweets you can explore, giving you the basic look and functions the app is expected to have. Try out the experimental version here.


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