Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies?

The title of this infographic by Massive Health reads like it was lifted off an episode of the hit TV show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies? Why would anyone ask if a banana is better for you than a cookie? It’s such a noob move, and the answer is such a no brainer — something even a 5th grader can get right. Imagine you’re sitting in your living room watching the show, Jeff Foxworthy pops this question and you instinctively shout at the television, “The cookie is way worse than the banana!” You pat yourself on the back proudly, confident in your answer. But, is it really? (cue Twilight Zone music).

Researchers from the University of Sydney have been hard at work creating the “satiety” index. After eating 240 calories of food, the index places food on a scale of how long after eating it until you feel full again (a low satiety index means you’ll get hungry again quickly, high means you’ll stay full for a while). The glycemic index measures how quickly you get your sugar high from the things you eat — and then the crash (a low glycemic index means that a food’s energy will sustain you longer).

By using easy snacking swaps, you can put the index to work. Choosing the right foods can mean the difference between wanting one snack or five throughout the day. In conclusion:

“To stay full and not crash later, bananas are as good a choice as cookies or french fries…Bananas may have more nutrients than cookies but they fill you up and give you the same sugar crash as a cookie.”

Check out the full version of the infographic, here.

via: Massive Health

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