Star Wars: The Never Ending Saga

Star wars identies

With the re-re-release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, it seems there will be no end to the amount of remaking that the series will undergo to make yet another million. Since George Lucas is worth over 3.2 billion dollars now, it is safe to say that his little Star Wars project was at the very least, a perpetual gold mine. So what’s next?

This recent installation, from the more refined side of the creative genius of the Star Wars legacy, is the Star Wars Identities Exhibition. The traveling show is a collection of stunning costumes, models and artwork from the films. Not only does the exhibit have many of the original relics from the Lucasfilm archives, it also has a scientific aspect which ties together the planning behind the fictional characters and what makes us human.  The exhibit goes beyond just showing off the history of the films, answering questions of the ages like, “How did Luke and Anakin, who share similar genes and grew up on the same planet, become such different people?”

The Montreal Science Center helped to put the more educational part of the exhibition together, which is good news for young kids hoping for a field trip break from the monotony of school.  Now, they can at least try to argue that a day of Star Wars is beneficial to their educations. The children of the USA are going to have to wait though, the exhibit is only in Canada right now, so dreams of creating your own personal Star Wars identity instead of studying math are going to have to wait until next year.






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