Travel Posters For Lazy People

Spring has sprung: time to get outside and travel… or not. In the spirit of the now classic “demotivational poster,” these mock travel posters put a new level of laziness in the idea of going places… in fact, you might just stay at home in your very comfy bed, drink something spirit lifting and surf the internet. I mean, it’s a big scary world out there!

While some people might actually find these posters de-motivational, for others they’re just the sarcastic kick needed to get them out of the house, listening to the breeze, admiring a tree and maybe even going out traveling. But, you don’t have to go far to see the great outdoors, sometimes it’s enough to simply go outside and breath to get that mini-vaca you so badly need.

Created by the ever funny and talented Caldwell Tanner over at College Humor, each of the posters has a quirky, retro feel, something like a vintage screen printed National parks poster with a cartoon twist. You can see more of Tanner’s work here.

Via: College Humor

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