The Top 25 Most Extraordinary Google Streetviews

Ever since Google came out with its street view feature the world has become a lot more accessible. With just a few clicks you can find yourself walking down the Rue de Rivoli or exploring the Australian Outback. Every once in a while though, the Google car camera catches something so extraordinary that it makes you stop in your tracks (your clicks?). The 25 images below range from soldiers to polar nights, from Parisian lovers to burning vehicles, all of them a testament both to modern technology and the strange yet interesting world we inhabit.

25 – New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales, Australia

24 – Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

23 – Brighton, United Kingdom
Brighton, United Kingdom

22 – Victoria Highway, Australia
Victoria Highway, Australia

21 – Jan Kempdorp, South Africa

See the rest of the list at List25!

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  1. John Nelson

    So great, thanks for sharing! Google streetview reminds me that the world is a pretty charming place. And where it’s not charming, at least it’s interesting

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