Color Berlin: The Bright Corners of the City

When you can’t tell whether a photograph was staged or not, and the outcome is beautifully composed… you have to look a little closer. In this wonderfully colorful and well-designed series of photos featuring Berlin, Germany,  I was mesmerized by the shapes and designs captured throughout the city. The photographer of this series, Matthias Heiderich, doesn’t have much in way of a biography on the web, so for now, his work is just going to have to speak for itself.

The ability to observe the subtleties and beauty all around you, then capture it as you see it, is an extremely important quality to have as a photographer.  On top of that, if you are able to look through your view finder and compose a piece of art even better than reality, your work is going to be something special. Heiderich’s work is nothing short of captivating. Each photograph has a rhythm and balance to it that makes them almost seem staged. The bold colors and shapes are intriguing but also a bit unexpected. It makes you want to go walk around whatever city you live in and discover for yourself the colorful treasures you may have never noticed before. Heiderich’s photos encourage us to look at the world differently.

You can discover more of his photos here!


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