US Interstate Highways as a Subway Map

As for useful readability, there are few examples that do it better than the iconic London Underground Map. Instead of placing stations in there actual location, or depicting the real path of underground trains, the maps simply cuts to the chase illustrating where people need to connect to their next train. Designer Cameron Booth has recently updated his wonderful US Interstate Highway map which uses the same smart design language to create a highly attractive and useful map.

The Wild Kingdom In The Eyes Of Simen Johan


Do you ever wonder what emotions lay within some of the most interesting wild animals? If you were to give human characteristics to a strong buffalo or to a fragile lamb, how would they be depicted? This collection, Until the Kingdom Comes by Simen Johan, shows another way to view nature that you most likely won’t see in any National Geographic magazine. The mysterious life of the wild isn’t something that everyone is subjected to… sure, you can go to a zoo to view caged animals, but it is difficult to stare into their eyes and really get a sense of what they are feeling.

Woodcut Prints: The Peculiar World of Roman Klonek

The bright, colorfully, poppy, peculiar work of one artist is a fresh take on an old style. Designer, Roman Klonek creates his artwork with woodcut prints that pay homage to polish cartoons and history in the country’s propaganda style. He keeps to the traditional method and principles of the medium, but makes his own version of the end art. His woodcut posters are like stepping into a polish cartoon world, which the artist himself describes as a “bizarre balancing act between propaganda, folklore, and pop.”

Visualizing the History of Radio

Since its discovery by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800s, radio has vastly influenced the world, changing how we get our news, how we communicate and how we entertain ourselves. This informative and entertaining graphic looks at the evolution of the technology from its birth to the modern age of internet radio, looking at how it has adapted to different times and uses.

Driving Dangerously: It’s All Buckle, No Belt, In China.

Driving without a seat belt is common in China. So common in fact, they have a work-around for the annoying beeping sound cars make when you don’t buckle up. Simply insert Mickey, Hello Kitty, or a rhinestone studded gun to fool your car. Sold on sites like Taobao (China’s equivalent to eBay) with headings such as “These items may be removed at any time! Order Soon!”

Intricate Animals Made From Lost Hubcaps

If you drive at all, and I mean AT ALL, you’ve probably seen hundreds of hubcaps laying on the sides of roads and highways. These round disks serve no other purpose than providing a little clean aesthetics to low-cost wheels, and they seem to find any excuse to jump off their spinning counterparts. Because they’re of little value as a single disk, hubcaps are intrinsically worthless as soon as they stop their escapist roll under some roadside bush.

Visualizing The American Beer Revival

The history of the American brewing industry has been one of dramatic ups and downs, from a vibrant past of locally stocked saloons, to prohibition and the complete shutdown of the industry, to todays far reaching microbrewery scene. This fast-paced motion graphic from our friends over at, explores that wild ride through the past 110 years.

Museum of Obsolete Objects

Just when I was feeling pretty young because I didn’t understand some of my older friends’ pop culture references from the 60‘s & 70’s, I came across this amazing YouTube Channel and realized I’m no spring chicken! The Museum of Obsolete Objects is a catalog of videos- each featuring an archaic apparatus that was once cutting-edge technology and is now relevant only to antique collectors in today’s society.

The Body is a Canvas: Tattoo Infographic

One of the greatest things about design is that people are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to solve problems, display information or convey a message in a better way. Paul Marcinkowski (AKA Kaplon) is the designer behind this tattoo infographic which he made for a class project at the Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland. While poorly made infographics have been called the ‘plague’ of the internet, it’s great to see an artist sink their teeth into the medium and create something truly original.

Maker Spaces: Community Based Product Creation

One of the most exciting new ways to bring products to market has a very community oriented vision: they’re called Maker Spaces. Much like Hacker Spaces, these are tool and knowledge sharing environments where people can experiment with product and business ideas, working on projects from prototyping and fabrication, to fine-tuning of products and even launching businesses. This video, shot by Self Made in Hawaii, is one of the better explorations of these new communal spaces, featuring an interview with Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers.