To See What Remains: Haunting Images of the Past

Described as a “conceptual documentary photographer, Irish-born, David Creedon, offers the world a haunting and unique view into the effects of the massive emigration from Ireland between 1949 and 1989 in his dramatic photographic collection, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed. Depicted in these evocative photographs are the dilapidated homes and possessions left behind by many Irish emigrants.

VISUAL BITS #152 > LOL Cats As Fonts

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Artistic Manhole Covers From Around the World

Even though they’re right under our car tires and sometimes our feet, it’s not very often that we notice the manhole covers that dot our city streets. These prolific round disks of metal hide the subterranean infrastructure of the world, allowing access to our sewers, fire-hydrants and subways, but they never really become obvious until they’re belching white steam in the cold winter months. Most of the manhole covers we see are bland slabs of metal with a manufacturers name embossed on the top, but the examples we bring you today go a long ways towards making these ubiquitous objects something to admire and maybe even call art.

Talk to Your Kids About Art

This is your brain on art. Michigan-based agency Team Detroit came up with a hilarious print ad campaign that satirizes the “Talk to your kids about drugs” movement.

We Love Friday! Bicycles

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to our second installment of We Love Friday! This week our theme was bicycles. We asked our team to take some Instagram shots of bikes and chose the best ones to share with our lovely readers!

VISUAL BITS #151 > Just Your Opinion

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Strings Are Stronger than Guns

Masoud Bwisri has become a star in Libya since the start of the revolution last year. As the protests turned into a fight for freedom, Bwisri marched on the front lines with his guitar side by side with machine guns and rocket launchers. A year after the start of this revolution, fears of what the future holds are in the forefront of public concern. Bwisri believes that the revolution has brought guns instead of peace as militias have not turned over their guns and in many cases have more control than the National Transition Council (NTC). “Music brings peace. Machine guns cannot bring peace. Strings, for me,” said Bwisri, “are stronger than guns.”

Taking Tweeting Back to the 20th Century

Do you remember the days when getting snail mail was fun? Back before the only things that came were bills, credit card applications, and catalogs?

3D Elevator Illusion Shocks London Shoppers

If you saw a warning sign outside an elevator shaft, would you still press the button and wait for the doors to open, or would you take the stairs? In the case of one London elevator, if you did wait, you’d notice that when the doors opened the floor was completely gone, exposing all the inter workings of the elevator shaft below. Would you take the stairs then, or would you take the risk of your life?

Intricate Building Sculptures in the Bonsai Style

These astoundingly intricate miniatures are so complex and so dreamlike they make one want to get closer and closer until you actually walk their many looping stairs and paths. Designed and built by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba, most of his pieces take a heavy dose of their influence from the art of bonsai, weaving plant-like forms throughout the classic architectural elements. Aiba even goes so far as to use the cascade form of bonsai in his piece above, along with classic terrariums and tables used in the art form.