Manifesto Fever

The Holstee Manifesto

The viral potential of a creative and thought-provoking manifesto has been proven by brands like lululemon and Holstee who have grabbed the attention of millions of viewers, both online and off. These manifestos contain words of intention and inspiration, and are designed to embody what is important to them and what they stand for.

Greenpeace Pits David Against Earth Eating Goliaths

Whether you love or hate the world environmental organization Greenpeace, they certainly do come up with some clever, attractive and maybe even effective advertising campaigns. Part of a new initiative, these beautiful black and white illustrations see a tiny, inflatable boat born figure battling against gigantic monster like environmental problems. The daunting manifestations of oil rigs, overfishing, deforestation and air pollution are all confronted by the activist David wielding a tiny slingshot… and from the story it’s based upon, we know he will be triumphant.

Kalahari 47°: The Heat of Africa on Oven Toasted Prints

Covering most of Botswana and good portions of Namibia and South Africa, the semi-arid Kalahari desert is home to a host of wild animals and diverse peoples. The harsh area takes its name from local dialects, literally meaning “a waterless place,” and sees less than 7 inches of rain annually. The wide plain has a stark beauty, and is colored with the bright sun and dry dust of the earth.

VISUAL BITS #154 > Spoiled Milk

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Doggy District: Leather Jackets & Bum Attire on Dogs

The internet is buzzing 24/7 with pictures of cute animals, and sometimes it seems that any conversation dealing with something online comes back to: “Oh my gosh, did you see that cute puppy picture on Facebook? I almost died.” Sometimes we at Visual News get the eerie feeling the whole internet was created solely for the purpose of entertaining pet people… and no matter how much valuable information lies out there for everyone to discover, sometimes it’s just easier sharing cute, cuddly puppy pictures than one more bloody problem in the world. While we may not agree with this logic — we’re passionate about world news — it’s just an observation that infects our Facebook feed on a daily basis.

Welded Chain Becomes Haunting Human Scupltures

Born out of a fascination with the human body and its form, Korean artist Seo Young Deok creates human figures out of a very unusual material: chains. His male and female figures are meticulously created out of upcycled conventional chain and bicycle chain, welded together to stiffen its joints into a shell that reveals surprisingly detailed figures. Appropriate to the somber mood of the pieces, the series is called ‘Dystopia’ and recently ran as a solo exhibition at the INSA/Arko Art Center in Seoul, Korea, where his figures took up residence sprawled on the floor and hanging off the walls.

50 Year Old Photos Transformed Into Surreal GIFs

Designer and artist Cari Vander Yacht works for the well known advertising company Wieden+Kennedy by day… but by night she paints and works on experimental projects like this wonderfully surreal series “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format).

Illusion Typography: Object Shadows Create Sentences

When artist Fred Eerdekens sees objects, he doesn’t just observe their form, but also the form which they can create. His highly unique sculptures use everyday objects like cereal boxes, bits of wire and even bushes, to make carefully planned and arranged forms which shadow cast sentences on the walls around them.

RAW SF Exhibition: The Astral Journey Of DeLa

Using our dreams as a source of inspiration can sometimes be an amazing tool for creating a masterpiece. The artwork by painter DeLa Cruz takes you on an astral voyage through his unique universe and the colorful aspects of a surreal world. The artist explains his nightly visions as being one where the paint explodes out of the soul and onto the canvas.

VISUAL BITS #153 > Amazing Mini Food Sculptures

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